Sewing clothes for work…I got my first job in Sweden! Wardrobe planning Part 1.

Yup. I’m a contributing member of society. After a year in Stockholm I finally got a job as a substitute teacher at an English middle school. If you’re wondering what took so long…well, it is difficult to get a job in Sweden if you’re not fluent in Swedish but I was also not looking very hard, partly because I enjoyed being a happy homemaker, and partly because I got stressed out and depressed when I started job hunting. But that’s another story. What’s really urgent now is sewing some work clothes!

Over the last year I pretty much stopped buying clothes. I felt guilty spending money when I wasn’t working and tbh, I wasn’t doing much that required an extensive wardrobe. Also, like many new sewers, I was getting more and more turned off by fast, throwaway fashion and the sweatshops that produce it.

But now I need clothes! The way I used to deal with a new job and new work clothes was something like this: I ran around the mall like a deer caught in the headlights and came home with a bunch of clothes that didn’t fit very well, weren’t really my style, made me feel like a kid playing dress-up and were eventually consigned to the back of the closet never to be seen again.  Ever been to a university job fair where all of the students/jobseekers are decked out in their job interview clothes? Everyone looks uncomfortable, immature and vaguely robotic. That’s me when I hurriedly buy work clothes.

So this time I’m going to do it differently. I’m going to sew as much as I can. That way I’ll be able to use higher quality fabrics than I could afford if I bought from the shops. I can also get a perfect fit-something that I rarely found off-the-rack. And it’s going to be fun.

Now how to get started.

Inspiration is as good a place as any…

My job required me to dress professionally but I’m also need to be comfortable. My co-workers wear everything from jeans to shirts and ties. I need to be comfy but I also know that I feel better when I’m a little towards the dressy side.




My go to outfit is a pair of comfortable wide leg trousers (or dressy jeans) and a fitted shirt. I always feel good in this outfit and it’s flattering on me. Now to find a good sewing pattern for wide leg trousers. Any suggestions?

I also love making a dressy piece look easier with something casual like a tee or denim. Something like this:




I’m thinking a By Hand London Charlotte Skirt and a screen printed tee:


The library at Kulturhuset in Stockholm has a screen printing workshop every Saturday: Lava Bibliotek and Verkstad.

I also have a soft spot for clothes that feel like pajamas.


This one is Kate Moss for Topshop. I’m thinking a By Hand london Holly Jumpsuit as culottes in a silk jersey.

I really want to make the perfect midi skirt.




Maybe I’ll have a go at drafting one myself since it’s pretty simple. Like this one:


Aaaaaand, I just bought Drape Drape 1 and I’m learning by trail and error. More on that later!







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