My self-drafted midi skirt


I tried my hand at a self-drafted skirt, using a floral fabric with a lot of body. It was a cheapie so I wasn’t too worried about cutting into it without a pattern. It’s just three rectangles that I box-pleated. I overestimated how big the pieces needed to be and ended up with about a foot of extra fabric.

I can’tseem to get a perfect hem. There always seems to be a twist in the fabric. I’m thinking it might be a problem with the grain. I did use a very wide hem to get a nice hang on the skirt and did an invisible hem using my special presser foot.

Ok here it is. Excuse how wrinkley I am. I have no excuse to offer you.

20141031_093645 (1)

Unfortunately the twist in the hem is right in the front. Bahhh!

Despite its imperfections, I like the skirt. I love the pockets that disappear into the side seams and It has a nice shape because of the fabric. It feels both vintage and modern somehow.

I’m sure I’ll get better at drafting patterns because I’m starting a pattern construction course next week! The course, at Folkuniversitetet, is 7 weeks long on Tuesday evenings. I’ll learn how to make basic slopers and adjust them to create different designs and patterns. I’m really excited! Folkuniversitetet also offers a draping course that I’d love to take. Can you tell I’m a bit obsessed?

…coming up next…my TWO newly-sewn faux fur hats…as soon as I get off my ass and photograph them 🙂




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