Bio: A Canadian novelist living and sewing in Sweden.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! I just found your blog and love your BHL Anna dress, it’s gorgeous! I’m visiting Stockholm next week for a 6 day holiday – jeej! – and was wondering if you have any fabric store advice. Love from the Netherlands, Daphne


    1. Hi Daphne,
      Fabric is pretty expensive in Stockholm but you can find somereally special stiff at Tygverket near Slussen Station. They have 2 stores, one close to Götgatan that sells Liberty fabrics and beautiful silks, and another huge store about two blocks down the road. The second store has a lot of designer fabrics. Both stores are pretty pricy.
      For something a little cheaper you could try Ohlsson’s Tyg on Sveavägen near Hötorget station. They have a bit of everything (dressmaking fabrics are downstairs) and they have hit or miss bargain bins.
      Have a great time in Stockholm! Catherine


      1. Thanks so much for all the info! I’m super excited about visiting Stockholm…and I guess it’s a good thing I got a little work bonus for all the fabrics I will buy 🙂


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